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Tuesday, 08 March 2016 00:00

Advanced Non-Contact Tank Level Measurement

KING-GAGE® LevelWAV radar level transmitter provides continuous measurement suitable over a broad range of temperatures, pressures and density variations in liquid storage or processing tanks. This radar transmitter can be used in process conditions exhibiting visible vapors, foam and/or surface agitation. Non-contact measurement is possible for highly corrosive materials (caustics, acids, solvents) and slurries.


KING-GAGE LevelWAV utilizes advanced microwave circuitry that automatically adjusts transmit energy and receiver gain to detect only the reflection from the media surface. 2-wire technology is easy to install and simplifies wiring requirements at the tank. Accurate and reliable operation with no moving parts or product contact eliminates maintenance requirements of other level technologies.

Compact size and mounting footprint makes tank top installation of the LevelWAV radar transmitter suitable for even tight spaces. Radar level measurement is a practical solution in retrofit applications to replace failing or erratic level transmitters.

Output from the LevelWAV radar transmitter can be monitored on KING-GAGE indicators and multiple tank displays enabling tank level to be represented as total volume, weight or depth of contents. Each of these display options also provides excitation power (24Vdc) to the transmitter through the signal loop cable.

Application profiles:
Food/beverage • Chemical/Petrochemical •  Energy Generation  • Water/wastewater • Marine

Pulse burst non-contact radar transmitter (6.3 GHz)

Model 3700
316 SS or polished aluminum housing options
Process Connection: 1-1/2" NPT or 2" NPT
Temperature (Process) -40°F to 176°F (-40° to +80°C)
Power Requirement 20-35 Vdc
Maximum Measurement 15m (50 Ft.) - extended ranges available
Accuracy ±0.25% of range
Analog Output 4-20mAdc


Click to download a pdf of the LevelWAV Data Sheet.