Tank Level Indicators






Monitoring tank levels continuously and remotely using hydrostatic pressure represents one of the most proven and reliable methods you can employ. Well suited to a variety of applications, pressure transmitters can provide simple and accurate means for measuring liquid level in storage or processing tanks.

The basic principle behind hydrostatic pressure-based liquid level measurements is fairly simple. Pressure transmitters measure level based on the principle that pressure is proportional to the level of liquid multiplied by the specific gravity (the ratio of the fluid's density to the density of water). Another way to express this is that level equals the hydrostatic head (pressure) measurement divided by the density of the liquid.

Over 60 years gauging experience in general industry has seen KING-GAGE systems installed in all types of applications. Accuracy and dependability are major reasons why industrial users enjoy low cost of operation.

  • Wastewater
  • Warehousing
  • Power Generation
  • Manufacturing

Recommended Products

es2slmln-thumb ES2 transmitters are applicable to most tanks or process vessels whose contents remain at normal atmospheric pressure. Added to their rugged reliability, their major benefits are simplified service and maintenance.

levelbar-thumb LevelBAR multi-segment LED column display includes an individualized scale calibrated to the actual tank capacity. Marked in any specified unit(s) of measurement, it permits direct reading of total liquid weight or volume.

lp2-thumb LP2 multiple tank indicators accept up to eight input channels that receive proportional 4-20 mA signals from liquid level transmitters. As data acquisition hubs, each LP2 tank level indicator provides multiple point serial communications.