Liquid Level Transmitters


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TeleSensor Manual TeleSensor Manual

Date added: 07/08/2009
Date modified: 11/19/2009
Filesize: 684.78 kB
Downloads: 9757
EX-1525-1, Effective: June 2004

TDR Radar Application Data Form TDR Radar Application Data Form

Date added: 11/09/2012
Date modified: 11/09/2012
Filesize: 583.84 kB
Downloads: 8281

Application Data form for LevelWAV guided wave level radar. Describe application including tank shape, height and mounting location.

LevelTRAN Transmitter Manual LevelTRAN Transmitter Manual

Date added: 07/04/2009
Date modified: 11/19/2009
Filesize: 667.48 kB
Downloads: 11398
EX-1827, Effective: January 2002

Model: 541*-3-* with Integral Housing

LevelTRAN Transmitter Manual LevelTRAN Transmitter Manual

Date added: 07/05/2009
Date modified: 11/19/2009
Filesize: 1.97 MB
Downloads: 11128
EX-1826, Effective: January 2002

Model 541*-1-* with Cable and Junction Enclosure

ES2 Manual ES2 Manual

Date added: 07/01/2009
Date modified: 02/26/2010
Filesize: 2.47 MB
Downloads: 13453
EX-1845, Effective: November 2009

ES2 with field wiring connector or
ES2 with molded cable connector and junction enclosure

ESR Serial Number Versions and Slimline Versions

Model Numbers:
5501-3-** (short with field wiring connector)
5502-3-** (standard with field wiring connector)
5503-3-** (long with field wiring connector)
5501-3R-** (short with molded cable connector)
5502-3R-** (standard with molded cable connector)
5503-3R-** (long with molded cable connector)
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