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Name:Purge Control


• Continuous Level Measurement
• Simple Proven Sensing Technique
• Suitable for Corrosive or Aggressive Liquids

When purged with compressed air, liquid within the downpipe is displaced by air pressure equal to the hydrostatic force of liquid in the tank. If carefully regulated at a low rate of flow, air pressure will constantly maintain equilibrium against the force of the liquid. Output is proportional to liquid depth and can be transmitted as an electronic 4-20 mA signal or pneumatically as a direct 1:1 pressure signal.

788 D/P Purge Control is a differential pressure regulator and air flow control. It generates a constant flow of compressed air to purge a downpipe. Its integral differential pressure transmitter provides 4-20 mAdc output proportional to liquid level.

APPLICATION NOTE: Available in all-pneumatic configurations for hazardous area service.


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