Details for LevelWAV Level Radar

Name:LevelWAV Level Radar

• Measure Level, Volume or Ullage
• Advanced Smart Radar Improves Reliability
• Use for Potable Water, Fuel Oil, Service Tanks

KING-GAGE LevelWAV microwave level transmitter provides continuous measurement of liquids and solids. Measurement is independent of dielectric constant, temperature, pressure and density variations. It is suitable to a broad range of level mesurement applications regardless of visible vapors, foam, surface agitation, high temperature and/or pressure. Radar level measurement is a practical solution to failing or erratic tank level transmitters.

A compact mounting footprint permits tank top mounting in tight spaces. Accurate and reliable operation with no moving parts or submerged components eliminates the maintenance requirements of other level technologies. Applications include ballast monitoring, fuel oil, day tanks, greywater/blackwater, waste oil and drilling mud. LevelWAV is also available in a sanitary configuration for safeguarding potable water supplies.

2-wire technology means LevelWAV level radar is easier to implement and simplifies shipboard wiring for lower cost.  The LevelWAV transmitter is a two-wire loop powered unit intended for tank top installation. Stainless steel housing and rugged digital circuitry are well suited to the marine environment. IP68 rating safeguards reliability when exposed to extreme environments including deck mounting.

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