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•  External Mounting at Tank
•  Unaffected by Foam or Vapor
•  Electronic (4-20 mA) or Pneumatic Output

KING-GAGE® TeleSensor detects level by sensing hydrostatic pressure created by liquid depth. Acting on the force balance principle, a sensitive diaphragm is exposed to the liquid contents of the tank. Compressed air within the sensor creates a pneumatic pressure that balances the force of the liquid acting against the diaphragm. This diaphragm unit is generally paired with the 868 D/P Sensor Control with integral transmitter. This converts the pneumatic isolation pressure to a proportional 4-20 mAdc signal suitable for process control or remote level indication.

The basic configuration is intended for pipe flange connection mounting (2", 3" or 4" class 150 ANSI) to any typical outlet near the bottom of the tank. TeleSensor units are virtually free from long term drift, hysteresis, and temperature sensitivity unlike strain measurements (including load cells) since mechanical deflection of the diaphragm is not directly measured. Additionally, pressure based measurement is unaffected by liquid foam or vapor layers within the tank.

KING-GAGE TeleSensor units combine accuracy, rugged durability, reduced maintenance, and long term stability for liquid level tank gauging. A compressed air/gas supply is required for operation of the sensor. Entirely pneumatic versions are available for use in hazardous area service eliminating need for additional intrinsic safety provisions.



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