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Name:LevelWAV level radar

• Advanced Smart Radar Improves Reliability
• Compact Size for New or Retrofit Applications
• Sanitary Configurations for Food & Dairy

KING-GAGE® LevelWAV is suitable to a broad range of level measurement and control applications including process conditions exhibiting visible vapors, foam, high termperature and/or pressure. Level measurement is possible for highly corrosive materials (caustics, acids, solvents) and slurries.

With no moving parts or direct product contact, LevelWAV transmitters eliminate the maintenance requirements of other level technologies. The compact size and mounting footprint makes tank top mounting suitable for even tight spaces. Radar level measurement is a practical solution in retrofit applications to replace failing or erratic level transmitters. Model offerings include sanitary configurations with stainless steel construction and food-grade PTFE antenna (Tri-Clamp mountings available).

Applications include food/beverage, pharmaceutical, pulp/paper, water/wastewater and chemical processing.

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