LP2 SP Multiple Tank Indicator/Setpoint Controller PDF Print E-mail


• 8 Tank Multiple Channel Capacity
• Direct Entry of Digital Setpoints
• Dual SPDT Controller Relays per Channel

LP2 SP indicators provide continuous measurement of liquid inventory in storage or processing tanks. Calculating level on the basis of hydrostatic pressure created by liquid depth, the system measures total product mass for more precise material accounting. A full numeric keypad and function keys support various user selections, including direct entry of control setpoints (high or low level) for each tank. The two line alphanumeric LCD readout shows tank level, readout unit (user selective), tank name. and specific gravity in the normal display mode.

The LP2 SP models add functionality of digital setpoints for simple level monitoring and basic control solution for many applications. These indicators support digital RS-485 communications to a central control system while allowing limited local control to production personnel. LP2 SP provides the user with two (2) fully independent SPDT relays per tank input channel. The hardware configuration includes normally-open (NO), normallyclosed (NC), and common (C) relay contacts. Factory programming options include standard LOW-HIGH (descending/ascending) or HIGH-HIGH (ascending/ascending) setpoint actuation.

LP2 SP data sheet thumbnailLP2 SP Data Sheet