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Multi-Point Process Switch


• 4 Fully Adjustable Setpoints
• Better Than ±0.05% Repeatability
• Simple On/Off Control of Process Functions

Multi-Point Process Switch is a single channel analog set-point control. It provides continuous monitoring of a typical process loop with four (4) setpoints that are user adjustable over the full range.

This simple controller or switch module is compatible with any process variable transmitter (i.e., pressure, level, temperature) generating two wire 4-20 mA output. Its four independent setpoints control relays configured as form C (SPDT) can be used to trigger multiple devices, alarms, or provide fail-safe limiting. The switch relay contacts are intended for pilot circuits and rated up to 3 amp service.

Multi-Point Process Switch additionally protects against input circuit overloads using advanced PTC resistor technology and automatically resets when current level drops. This protects the switch and any other loop components against current levels in excess of 70 mAdc (such as dead-short or fault).

LP2 SP data sheet thumbnailMulti-Point Process Switch data sheet