Details for LevelBAR Tank Level Indicator

Name:LevelBAR Tank Level Indicator

• Visual Display of Tank Levels
• Custom Scale for Weight or Volume
• Direct Replacement for Manometer Gauges
• 4-20 mA output signal available to PLC

The LevelBAR multi-segment LED column display includes an individualized scale calibrated to the actual tank capacity. Marked in any specified unit(s) of measurement, it permits direct reading of total liquid weight or volume. This unique analog column indicator works as a local or auxiliary remote display in new or retrofit applications.

Pneumatic input models include an integrated differential pressure (D/P) element. This allows LevelBAR to be used with bubblers or other air operated systems as a direct replacement for mercury tank gauges or other fluid-filled manometers. It even provides 4-20 mA output compatible with other receivers or to use for process control functions.


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