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Company History

King Engineering Corporation was founded in 1937 in Ann Arbor, MI by G.W. Willard.  Mr. Willard had moved to the area in 1923 to lead the sales and service department of a local company called King-Seeley, an auto supplier whose First Street factory closed in the 1980's.

King Engineering’s liquid level measurement and inventory tank gauging systems were marketed under the KING-GAGE brand and sold to sectors including the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and marine industries.

1930: King-Seely

Auto supplier located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


1937: Company Founded

King Engineering Corporation founded offering "King-Gage" hand pump operated tank gauge.

Company Founded

1947: King Manometer

King Manometer introduced as precision laboratory grade instrument.

King Manometer

1951: Diaphram Pressure Transmitter Offered

King offers Diaphragm Pressure Transmitter as an alternative to "bubbler" level systems.

Diaphram Pressure Transmitter Offered

1966: AcraSensor Transmitter Introduced

King debuts AcraSensor transmitter with molded silicone diaphragm for sanitary CIP tank installations.

AcraSensor Transmitter Introduced


KING-GAGE Digital System developed for centralized multiple tank monitoring.


1976: KING-GAGE LiquiSeal™

KING-GAGE LiquiSeal™ downpipe transmitter introduces diaphragm seal for bubbler level measurement.

KING-GAGE LiquiSeal™

1982: KING-GAGE Series 8900

KING-GAGE Series 8900 single tank digital indicator is released.

KING-GAGE Series 8900

1986: KING-GAGE Electronic Sensor

KING-GAGE Electronic Sensor merges accuracy and reliability in a 4-20 mA flush mount transmitter.

KING-GAGE Electronic Sensor

1994: KING-GAGE LevelBAR

KING-GAGE LevelBAR introduces electronic alternative to fluid filled tank gauges with pneumatic input.


1997: KING-GAGE LevelPRO

KING-GAGE LevelPRO offers multi-tank functionality and digital serial output as our 4th generation digital indicator.


2005: KING-GAGE LP3 System

KING-GAGE LP3 System with color touch screen monitor and network integration (including web server)


2009: KING-GAGE ES2 Slimline

KING-GAGE ES2 Slimline level transmitter's robust design means durability in harsh processing environments.

KING-GAGE ES2 Slimline

2019: KING Engineering, Inc. is Acquired by NOSHOK, Inc.

The brand is re-named KING-GAGE, A NOSHOK Company. NOSHOK’s strong sales, marketing, engineering & product development resources, and world-class customer support are now powering the KING-GAGE and KING Filters brands, with the goal of increased growth and expansion in the food, beverage, dairy and marine markets.

KING Engineering, Inc. is Acquired by NOSHOK, Inc.