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Volume 12, Issue 2 (Summer 2020)

Ordering Now Available on NOSHOK Portal

Ordering is now available on the NOSHOK Portal. Orders may still be emailed to orders@noshok.com, however if you place an order on the Portal there is no need to send an email as well. After you place an order on the NOSHOK Portal, you will receive an email order confirmation with projected shipment date(s) as soon as our technical clarification department has confirmed your order.

The ordering function allows you to search for 88,000+ NOSHOK part numbers, and simply add the item to your cart. Searches can be made by part number, partial part number or description/keyword. Previous orders can also be added to the cart and re-ordered. We will be adding more part configurations weekly. Orders placed on the NOSHOK Portal will apply the standard discount.

If you are interested in a demo of the ordering process, please reach out to the NOSHOK Customer Support Team or your NOSHOK Regional Sales Manager.

In addition to the convenient new ordering capability, the NOSHOK Portal provides instant verification of important data such as price and stock availability, as well as useful information such as tracking numbers for shipments. This information is available instantly at any time of day, whether during local Eastern Standard Time work hours or otherwise.

To supplement the support provided by our Customer Support team from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday EST, a live chat option is active on the NOSHOK Portal to help answer any questions regarding portal functionality or order status.

To see who has NOSHOK Portal access from your organization, login and select Account Information. If access needs to be removed please contact NOSHOK Customer Support.

Product Focus

NEW! 3-and 5-Valve Compact Manifolds

NOSHOK recently added 3- and 5- valve compact manifolds to our instrument valve portolio. These manifolds provide instrument port spacing that is compatible with either standard MSS SP-99 or the Rosemount™ Coplanar™ platform. Optional packings, stem tips, o-rings and handle types are available, and all NOSHOK valves are 100% helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for performance and reliability.

NOSHOK's new 3040 Series Compact Style Hard Seat Manifolds are designed for use with with differential pressure transmitters incorporating two isolation valves and an equalizing valve in differential pressure measurement.

More info - 3040 Series

RFQ - 3040 Series

NOSHOK 5040/5090 Series Manifolds are available with a power pattern (5040) or natural gas (5090) flow path.

The 5040 Series compact style, power pattern manifold is designed for use with differential pressure transmitters incorporating two isolation valves, one equalizing valve and two vent valves in power pattern applications.

The 5090 Series compact style, natural gas flow manifold is used with differential pressure transmitters incorporating two isolation valves, two equalizing valves and a vent valve in natural gas applications.

More info - 5040/5090 Series

RFQ - 5040/5090 Series

25 Series Intelligent Pressure & Level Transmitters - Ideal for Food & Dairy, Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical

Ideal for food & dairy, chemical processing and pharmaceutical applications, NOSHOK 25 Series Intelligent Pressure & Level Transmitters allow easy programming and range adjustment without test pressure via an on-board display.

These sensors provide active temperature compensation with an accuracy of 0.2% of adjusted span and 4:1 turn down.

Ranges are available from -160 inH2O vac to 1,160 psig, and they can be cleaned-in-place (CIP) or steamed-in-place (SIP)

NOSHOK 25 Series Transmitters feature a strong flush diaphragm with minimal fill volume, and an all Stainless Steel housing and wetted parts.

25 Series Transmitters meet 3A requirements and Hart® protocol output is available.


More info - 25 Series

RFQ - 25 Series

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KING-GAGE, A NOSHOK Company offers a wide variety of instrumentation for tank level, draft monitoring and vessel management which is ideal for level monitoring of ballast water, fuel oil, fresh water, lube oil, brine, preload and holding.

KING-GAGE, A NOSHOK Company LP3 Series Tank Level Measurement System provides continuous real-time measurement of level in service or ballast tanks and vessel draft. Tanks are graphically displayed on the screen and include a simple bar graph icon to convey tank level status at a glance. This tank liquid level measurement display package includes signal conditioning, data acquisition and network communications link(s) that can simplify the integration of tank level into a ballast control or vessel management system.

The LP2 Series Multiple Tank Indicator & Setpoint Controller combines intelligent signal processing with accurate volumetric measurement. The LP2 will indicate tank levels for ballast water, fuel oil, potable water and/or draft measurement. An alphanumeric LCD panel provides 10-character tank identification with 8-digit display value of depth, volume and percent full. Digital serial output (RS-485) can be leveraged for integration to vessel management systems or additional remote display locations.

KING-GAGE, A NOSHOK Company also offers a variety of tank level purge control transmitters which provide an advanced hybrid design of proven hydrostatic (or bubbler) technology. These extremely rugged units transmit level as a proportional 4 mA to 20mA output. Downpipe penetration can be at the top of the tank or through a lower side bulkhead.

The KING-GAGE, A NOSHOK Company LevelBAR Electronic Column Indicator delivers a bright multi-segment LED column to graphically display tank level or monitor vessel draft. As part of a system, the LevelBAR provides power to the remote 4–20 mA transmitter and can be used singly or in multiple locations for remote display of level. An available option provides an internal pressure sensor for direct replacement of mercury filled or bourdon tube tank gauges. Also available as on-demand tank level bubbler gauge utilizing a built-in hand pump.


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Application Insight


Ballast tanks are compartments that are incorporated into the design of ships to maintain stability while at sea. A ballast system allows a vessel to pump water in and out of tanks to compensate for adjustments in cargo load, shallow draft areas or weather conditions.

Ballasts are not a modern invention, they have been utilized for centuries in various forms including solids such as sandbags and stones.

Today, liquids are used in the ballast tank which allows easier weight adjustment than the rocks and other solids previously utilized. Liquid ballast can include fresh water, salt water or brackish water in various ballast tanks.

A standard ballast system can include water intakes, strainers, pumps, distribution pipes, ballast water tanks, treatment system, discharge system, and all the valves, sensors, and controls to control and monitor the equipment.

Without a ballast system, several issues can arise including improper immersion level of the propeller. Without proper ballast, the propeller may not immerse fully into the water which can affect the efficiency of the ship’s engine.

Also, the vessel’s shear and torsion loads may overly stress the hull and structure, potentially causing bending and structural distortion. If cargo capacity is not reached, the ship may also list and trim without a balancing ballast system.

The ballast system addresses these issues, provides stability and reduces stresses on the ship’s hull. Ballasts help to keep the rudder properly submerged which increases the ship’s maneuverability. As a vessel uses its fuel supply, the ship’s weight is affected. The ballast system also serves to compensate this weight loss.

The flow profile within the distribution pipes must be closely monitored to ensure that there is enough fully developed turbulent flow to obtain an accurate measurement.

Other important factors include determining how much differential pressure the user needs to create, and ensuring that the created differential pressure properly matches the flow computer or transmitter. Another point to consider is how much of a pressure drop is acceptable in the flow stream.

Level Monitoring

Level transmitters, external remote indicators and network interfaces are incorporated into the ballast tank system which control the valves and ballast pumps for safe ballasting and de-ballasting operation.

KING-GAGE LP3 and LP2 systems utilize a capacity profile to correlate transmitter output to actual tank capacity. Application profiles, units of measurement and/or specific gravity values can be individually assigned to each tank as stored selections within the iButton Datapack memory.

In the ship’s engine room, several ballast pumps are used to pull sea water in from the main seawater line and also during the de-ballasting operation to discharge sea water to maintain proper stability and immersion.

The cargo control room houses the ballast tank level monitoring system, which controls the pump on/off operation as water levels trigger at specified sensor levels.

Below is a simplified overview showing level transmitters, external remote indicators and network interface to the ship’s control/management system.


Application Insight Articles

Did you know that a variety of useful application-specific articles are available on our website? These include general articles with useful information such as:

Other articles are organized by application, including hydraulics, oil & gas, industrial, water/wastewater, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and medical.

Tech Tip

Q: What is the application for a gauge cleaned for O2 service?

A: Cleaning for Oxygen (O2) service is performed on gauges that are used on oxygen service or oxidizing media applications. The cleaning removes all hydrocarbons (oil and grease are common hydrocarbons) that can react violently, resulting in explosions, fire, and injury to personnel and property.

Gauges cleaned for Oxygen service can be used in any application that requires the cleanliness level associated with oxygen cleaned gauge. Glycerin filled gauges cannot be used on oxygen systems or on other oxidizing media.

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